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If the JJ-W (JJ Watt) china jerseys got his wish, he might use his this season iconic salute action to celebrate touchdowns, completing a sack as he did after. Houston Texans star defensive end last Tuesday talked about his involvement in the red zone offensive team wishes.He said he had this idea for a long time, although he and Gary - Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) china jerseys nfl coaches talk about these things are all joking tone, but he did not give up hope. "No matter what I am able to help the team win, I will do that," Watts said. Last season, 20.5 watts sack, the league up and won the AP Defensive Player of the Year award."I never began lobbying the first day of the team coach. Although it did not succeed, so I do not think there is likely to be successful recently, but this is his team." He said.

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"This is totally just did a athlete and I had a great joy, the ball really fun, I'm just doing Renhe En things make me better, improve hand-eye coordination, and other details are not always able to catch a a bad thing. "he said. Watt, china jerseys cheap´╝îUniversity of Wisconsin at transferring reform to play defense before the Central Michigan tight end, he liked to practice with other wide receivers pick ball machine balls. In last season's career bowl, Watt had a file outside to take over as offensive, so Kubiak coach frightened."I personally do not like him to do," the coach said, "When I saw him go when the outside to take over, you can put me frightened and we will let him continue to impact the quarterback, maybe let him have the opportunity to participate a two attacks. "

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Kubiak also revealed that Texans have talked to participate in the end zone before Watt offensive. "In fact, we discussed this matter and we talked about him and the two series contain tight end Garrett - Graham (Garrett Graham) china jerseys wholesale and Owen - Daniels (Owen Daniels) chinese jerseys offensive scheme, but w will be responsible for temporarily unclear what the future will know. "Kubuyake said. As Watt salute action, NFL said last week that as long as the action is not celebrated like the players against each other can be retained